Pre-K 4- Ms. Reid


weekly News

September 5 2017



We are learning:

Math: Matching paring items together similar (same size different color) different (different size different color) and match they're the same size and color. students will learn how to match objects with one or two attributes.

Literacy:  Students will recognize rhymes Listen to and understand stories. The letter of the week is "D". Students will be able to recognize words with the letter "D" in the classroom.daily routines print awareness track print from left to right and top to bottom students will begin to learn that we read from left to right and we start at the top and we work our way to the bottom trace a line starting to the left and then work your way to the right tracing line starting at the top and going all the way to the bottom.

Religion: Psalms 91: 6a Students will learn the Lord’s prayer as well as the sign of the cross. Students will learn ways that God keeps us safe every day.

Science/Social Studies: Recording data/ How do we change over time


 Grandparents day is Friday September 8th at 9am. Invitations will be sent home Tuesday September 5th with your child please return them as soon as possible. 

 VPK assessments are almost complete the scores will be recorded this week and a score report will be sent home with your child between this week and next week.



Important dates:

 September 4th no school Labor Day

 September 8th   Grandparents Day celebration 9 am

 September 12th Fall Festival meeting at the Elementary school 6 pm.

 September 26th PTO meeting at the Elementary school 5pm.