First Grade


December 10, 2018




Dear Parents:

Welcome to our week of learning.

Spelling Words:  Pattern: -akes, -ikes, -opes 

  • bake 
  • cakes
  • makes 
  • takes
  • snakes
  • bikes
  • likes 
  • hikes 
  • hopes
  • ropes

Language Arts:

  • Decode CVCe + -s words 
  • Recognize CVCe spelling pattern
  • Develope fluent reading with repeated readings of a poem
  • Discuss meaning of -s when added to nouns and verbs
  • add -es to nouns to form plurals


  • Create a sign as a class
  • Discuss ideas for a safety tip. Write a safety tip with appropriate spacing. 
  • Discuss ideas to illustrate a safety tip sign
  • Write a short message to a classmate
  • Write a reply to a message from a classmate 


  • Test (lesson 1-7)
  • To find other names for numbers, sums,to 12
  • To apply math vocabulary in order to understand and solve math problems 
  • To use a number line to count on to add sums to 12
  • To identify patterns and complete addition patterns, sums to 12

Social Studies:

  • Students will review all prior lessons
  • Test
  • Put things in correct sequence 
  • Students will learn about Sacajawea 


  • Students will continue to identify the stages of trees
  • Students will identify the age of trees

ps  Please send with your child a change of clothing.  Thank you.



Mrs. Charlton