First Grade


February 10, 2019


Dear Parents:

Welcome to our week of learning.

Spelling List:  Pattern:-a -er, -est

  • say
  • may
  • play
  • happier
  • happiest
  • down
  • too
  • work
  • many
  • first

Language Arts:

  • decode final y words with -er and -est endings
  • Decode adjectives
  • Read a decodable story with final y words with final y words with -er and -est endings
  • Decode ai and ay words


  • Read and discuss a grade-level literary text
  • Connect ideas: Compare and contrast
  • Develop fluent reading with repeated readings of a story
  • Determine the meaning of key vocabulary words


  • Revise a how-to text by adding details
  • Generate ideas for possible endings
  • Edit a how-to text using editing cheklist
  • Illustrate steps in a how-to text
  • Present final how-to text to the class

Social Studies:

  • Students will be able to give facts about maps and features, such as boundaries.
  • Students will be playing a game to help them understand how to use cardinal directions.
  • Have students circle the landforms on the map. (Landforms that should be circled: Cascade Range, Coast Range, Sierra Nevada, Ozark Plateau and Appalachian Mountain)
  • Read the story, “Mother Earth’s Beauty: Types of Landforms Around Us” by Baby Professor.


  • Observing how water changes state.  Predicting and comparing the ability of containers to collect rainwater.
  • Identifying and describing how human beings use water.


  • To identify addition and subtraction facts to 12 in a fact family.  
  • Check Your Progress:  Test 

  • To use subtraction facts from 12 or less to find the missing addend.

  • To use subtraction to compare sets.

  • To use the reading comprehension skill of sequencing to help solve two-step math problems.

                                               *****NEED TO KNOW*******

  • Send with your child a change of clothing for unfortunate mishaps.
  • Please have students wear correct uniform attire.
  • Students should be dropped off to school no earlier than 7:40.  Should a child need special accommodations, please call the school for further arrangements.


Mrs. Charlton