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   Unit 5.4.2 Stretching Ourselves                                Genre:  Expository Nonfiction

Vocabulary Words:

  1. abdomen – the part of the body containing the stomach, intestines, and other important organs
  2. artificial – made by human skill or labor; not natural
  3. gait – a manner of walking or running
  4. handicapped – having a physical or mental disability
  5. therapist – a person who specializes in treatment of diseases, injuries, or disorders
  6. wheelchair – a chair on wheels, used by people who are sick or who are unable to walk

Spelling Words:

1. overlook

2. underline

3. subway

4. subset

5.  supermarket

6. outlet

7. underground

8. overboard

9. undercurrent

10. superstar

11. overtime

12. supersonic

13. submarine

14. undercover

15. overcast

16. outfield

17. output

18. supernatural

19. subdivision

20. subhead

21. overwhelm

22. superimpose

23. underestimate

24. underprivileged


More Words to Know:

  1. blender – an electric kitchen appliance for grinding, mixing, or beating
  2. cerebral palsy – paralysis caused by damage to the brain before or at birth
  3. stroke – a sudden attack of illness, especially one caused by a blood clot or bleeding in the brain
  4. dedication – devotion
  5. leg brace – a device used to support a leg
  6. polio – a severe infectious, viral disease that destroys nervous tissue in the spinal cord causing paralysis and wasting away  of muscles
  7. triumphant – victorious or successful


Prefixes  over-, under-, sub-, super-, out-


Pronouns and Antecedents

Writing Trait of the Week:


Vocabulary Strategy:

 Context Clues

Comprehension Skill:


Comprehension Strategy:


Science Concepts:

Polio, Nervous System

Assistive Technology

The Human Eye

Design a Tool


Language Arts:  Recognizing a generalization in a paragraph, Write a friendly letter using all conventions

Social Studies:We will be studying Bejamin Franklin and the Middle Colonies

Science: Winding up our unit on chemistry

Math: adding fractions with like and unlike denominators.  Adding 3 fractions with like and unlike fractions.


Monday: Write spelling words 2x’s each once in print and once in cursive

Tuesday: Copy Vocabulary words and definitions

Wednesday: Write vocabulary words using them in a sentence.

Thursday: Use spelling words in a sentence




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      Scheduled Assignments 

Vocabulary Test - Thursdays

Speling Test - Fridays

Math Tests and quizes - Random

Social Studies - Weekly if possible

Science - Unit Tests given randomly

  • February 21, Mandatory First Reconciliation Retreat & Ceremony for First Communion Children at the Parish Hall at 6 PM
  • February 23, 8 AM Mass
  • February 26, Bake Sale
  • February 27, PTO Meeting at the Parish Hall at 5:30 PM
  • February 28, Hot Dog/ Hot Lunch Sale.