Pre-K 4- Ms. Reid


Dear Parents,

We give you back your child, the same child you entrusted to our care last fall. We give them back pounds heavier, inches taller, months wiser, more responsible and more mature than they were then.

Although They would have attained this in spite of us, it has been our happy privilege to watch her personality unfold day by day and marvel at each new achievement, each new success, each new expansion of self. We give them back reluctantly; for having spent nine months together in the classroom, we have grown close, have become a part of each other and shall always retain a little part of each other. 

We have lived, loved, laughed, played, studied, learned and enriched our lives together this year. We wish it could go on indefinitely, but give them back we must. Take care of them for they are precious and only one of a kind. Remember that we shall always be interested in your child and their destiny, wherever they go, whatever they do, whoever they  become. their joys and sorrows we will be happy to share. 




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