Fifth Grade Ms Dressel

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Ms Dressel 

READING / LA Writing Trait: Voice
Conventions: Comparative and
Superlative Adjectives
Writing Mini-Lesson: Letter to the

Phonics and Spelling:
 Latin Roots
Spelling Words:

1. describe
2. interruption
3. inspection
4. scribble
5. respectful
6. bankrupt
7. project
8. injection
9. manuscript
10. suspect
11. subscription
12. spectacular
13. eruption
14. eject
15. abruptly
16. prescribe
17. reject
18. aspect
19. rupture
20. inscribe

Vocabulary Words

1. armor- covering that protects the
body in battle.
2. encases- to enclose, as in a
3. extinct- no longer alive on Earth.
4. hideous- very ugly.
5. plunged- moved sharply in a downward direction.
6. serpent- snake or snake-like monster.

7. chambers- are rooms.
8. caverns- are large caves.
9. stalactites- is stone shaped liked an icicle,
hanging from the roof of a cave.
10. stalagmites- is a cone-shaped stone that builds
up on the floor of a cave.
11. spelunking- means exploring caves.
12. tremor- is a shaking or vibrating movement.
13. unfathomable- unable to be understood.
14. coexist- means to live together peacefully
despite differences.
9. roam- means to wander.
10. excavate- means to dig, usually for a purpose.



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