Pre-K 4- Ms. Donan




This week our theme is builders at work. On this chapter we will be learning  what builders do and.. we get to build our own bird house!

With that said, on this next  few weeks we will be sending a few notes home with important  information about our fundraisers. Graduation is coming up in just a few months  can you believe that?  Yup it’s  time to start planning, but of course  we need a budget. Everything we collect from  the fundraisers will go towards graduation, shirts, and year books.  If there is anyway you can  contribute  whether it’s volunteering, helping  with candy grams, helping us find sponsors, or donating candy  anything you can help with will be greatly appreciated!  And in advance thank you! 



What we are learning:

Letter:Oo  Number: 19   Phonological Awareness: Blending K/A/T= cat

Math: Ordinal Numbers   Science: Build a Bird house



































Classroom Rules

·       We are good listeners

·       We say please and Thank you

·       We clean after our selves

·       We raise our hand to speak

·       We take turns

·       We follow directions

·       We use inside Voices

·       We stay safe

·       Image result for welcome preschool clipartWe do our best and we try.

·         We have fun!