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Admissions Process

Registration is now open to all families. Please schedule a tour by contacting the front office at 863-385-7300 and ask for Ms. Margarita Mendez.

Required Documents for Registration:

  • Registration Form
  • Signed Financial Commitment Form
  • Withdrawal Policy 
  • Registration Fee

Enrollment Documents:

Copy of birth certificate (Kindergarten and first grade applicants must supply an original copy of a birth certificate to ensure the child meets the age requirements established by Florida law.)

Copy of baptismal certificate (Catholics only)

Copy of most recent report card (Not required for kindergarten)

Copy of most recent standardized test results (Not required for kindergarten)

Copy of testing for exceptional students services (gifted, learning disabilities, speech, etc.)

Copy of updated immunization record for the state of FL

Copy of updated physical exam on the FL form

Immunizations – Medications


Students will not be permitted to attend school without the following:
1. Florida Dept. of Health Immunization Card (Original and must be updated every other year)
2. Physical Exam (must be updated every year)


Students may not keep medications of any kind (including cough drops) in their backpacks. Parents may give their children medication at school as needed. If it is necessary for your child to take medication at school on a regular basis the office will need:

An original prescription bottle /container dated within 10 days. The pharmacist will split the dose into two containers (one for school, one for home) if you ask.

For over the counter medications, or medications prescribed over 10 days prior, a physician’s authorization form is required (see below),

A parent must sign the medication into the clinic. Please do not send them with your child.