 Diocesan Devotional Project on The Most Holy Eucharist kicks off!

Holy Eucharist

The Diocese has launched the Most Holy Eucharist Devotional Project.

  • The Lesson is for Pre-K – 8th
  • Two 8th Graders  will be teaching this lesson to each grade. 
  • The Lessons will begin during Catholic School ‘s Week and go thru March 7th.  
  • The lessons will take place during Religion Class. 

Below is the schedule for when the two 8th Graders will be coming to each class to teach. 

  • Pre-K 3 & Pre-K 4: January 27th 
  • Kinder: February 1st   
  • 2nd Grade: February 8th  
  • 1st Grade:  February 10th
  • 3rd Grade: February 13th 
  • 5th Grade: February 21st 
  • 4th Grade:  February 24th
  • 6th Grade: March 2nd 
  • 7th Grade: March 6th 
  • 8th Grade: March 7th