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An Investment for Life...
A Catholic education at St. Catherine Catholic School of Highlands County, is an investment in our children who will emerge as leaders in our communities. They represent the future of our faith as Catholic Christians. Our students are taught to reach their fullest potential and share their gifts through service and stewardship. We believe the opportunity for a Catholic education should be available to all those who seek it. Our loving and vibrant parishes generously support the schools ministry.

St. Catherine Catholic School students demonstrate Catholic values and integrity by practicing acceptance, tolerance and embracing diversity, all of which we believe are crucial to developing moral responsibility. Academic rigor, discipline, and responsibility are qualities that, together with our catholic Identity create a challenging and rewarding curriculum. We offer an array of opportunities for learners at both ends of the spectrum.

At St. Catherine Catholic School you will discover a friendly family atmosphere where all children are treated with respect and dignity. A strong sense of community is evidenced by both students and staff. Catholic values are demonstrated daily in a caring and safe environment. Students at St. Catherine Catholic School are offered opportunities to problem solve, make decisions, and grow as lifelong learners. We emphasize Catholic formation, academic excellence, service to others, respect, responsibility, creativity, and individual growth.

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The winners are...

The top countries that earned the most tickets during the food festival are: 

1. Mexico

2. Puerto Rico

3. Philipines

Thank you to all who made this food festival possible.


Catholic Schools Week

  • February 1, Tacky Thursday and Open House from 9-11 AM.
  • February 2, NO MASS and Field Day.
  • February 3, 3:30 PM Mass for PK 4- Ms. Tashana, Kinder- Mrs. Moye, and 4th Gr.
  • February 4, 8:00 AM Mass for PK 4- Ms. Mayra, 1st Gr. and 5th Gr.
  • February 6, Hot Dog/ Hot Lunch Sale.
  • February 9, 8 AM Mass and Ice Cream Sale
  • February 10, 5 PM Mass for Kinder- Mrs. Ledezma, 3rd Gr. and 6th Gr.
  • February 12, Bake Sale
  • February 13, Valentine's Party for 4th-6th Grade
  • February 14, Ash Wednesday 8 AM Mass
  • February 16, NO MASS and Ice Cream Sale
  • February 19, Presidents' Day, NO SCHOOL
  • February 21, Mandatory First Reconciliation Retreat & Ceremony for First Communion Children at the Parish Hall at 6 PM
  • February 23, 8 AM Mass
  • February 26, Bake Sale
  • February 27, PTO Meeting at the Parish Hall at 5:30 PM
  • February 28, Hot Dog/ Hot Lunch Sale.



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Our Mission

"St. Catherine Catholic School is a parish Pre-K 3 to 6th grade school that provides a quality education that is Christ centered.

We nurture each child- spirit, mind and body in a safe and caring atmosphere. Our curriculum is challenging and comprehensive to prepare each child for a global society."