Mission Statement and Philosophy

St. Catherine Catholic School provides a Christ centered education and strong Catholic foundation where children can strengthen their relationship with God and prepare for life’s challenges and their service to others.



Since 2008, St. Catherine Catholic School has welcomed families of all faiths and backgrounds interested in providing a high-quality faith-based educational environment for their children. From its humble beginning in “the white house,” on the corner of Poinsettia Avenue and Hickory Street, to its 3.25-acre main campus and 1+ acre secondary campus, St. Catherine Catholic School and Preschool continues its mission of providing a Christ-centered education with a strong Catholic foundation where children can strengthen their relationship with God and prepare for life’s challenges and their service to others. With the support of the 4 parishes served by St. Catherine School and the Diocese of Venice, the school continues to provide a safe and nurturing environment where students can develop their God-given gifts and talents through academics and afterschool clubs such as STREAM Club (science, technology, religion, engineering, art, and math), Math Club, Chess Club, Rosary Club, Book Club, Yearbook, a traveling Robotics Team, and more.

  1. Strong Family Environment
  2. Positive, Supportive Learning Environment
  3. STREAM Integrated Curriculum
  4. Faith, Values, and Service
  5. Music, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, and Technology Training
  6. 1:1 iPads For K-8
  7. Caring, Dedicated State Certified Teachers
  8. Honors and Resource Programs
  9. Accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference and The National Council for Private School Accreditation

From a Student's Perspective

As a teenager going to Catholic school might not sound important. In today’s society, it's very beneficial. If an adult’s faith is weak then it is more likely for that person to practice another religion or not even believe in any faith but if someone grows up going to a Catholic school, it is more likely for them to have a strong Catholic faith and practice it. Going to a Catholic school not just teaches you about Catholicism, but you get to practice it. Practicing your faith is an important fundamental of belief.

Being a teenager and going to a school with more teenagers is not easy. Catholic school teaches teenagers right and wrong. Teenagers can get a lot of crazy ideas, but if they were taught between right and wrong, they would know if they should do the crazy idea or not. Catholic education integrates faith into every lesson. Why is this important?

In today’s society, religion can be a sensitive topic for many people. So, you do so many things not knowing the religious meaning behind it. When a Catholic school integrates Catholicism into lessons, then the student will know that God is everywhere, and the importance of being thankful for everything that God gives us. If a teenager is taught to be thankful for things, it makes a healthier society and world, which pleased God. Nowadays people tend to forget about being thankful.


                                                                                                         -2022 Graduate