Our Mission

Saint Catherine Catholic School provides a Christ-centered education and a strong Catholic foundation where children can strengthen their relationship with God and prepare for life's challenges and their service to others.

Our Philosphy

Acknowledging our partnership as the school community of Saint Catherine, we promise to work together to:

• Teach the message revealed by God which the Church proclaims

• Foster and nurture each student’s faith through prayer, the Sacraments, attending Mass, and community service

• Recognize all students have their own unique level of ability and achievement

• Build a positive self-concept and sense of self-worth in each student entrusted to our care

• Provide a curriculum in which students will experience a constructive pattern of growth leading to personal fulfillment and future success as lifelong learners

• Provide a foundation of skills that will enable all students to be creative users of technology both now and in the future

Students attend Saint Catherine Catholic School to develop fully their God-given talents and abilities.
To accomplish this, students are expected to:

• Do their best work always

• Show respect for the work of their teachers, volunteers, and peers

• Treat all members of the school community with respect • Obey all school policies, procedures, and responsibilities

• Develop personal standards of conduct that reflect Christian morals and behavior

• Observe the school dress code, including standards on non-uniform days.

• Help care for school property and keep the school free from damage and defacement